Born and bred local girl with a dream to start something that would create a foundation for more job opportunities and a release of stress for all our localized small businesses. I have always been a very motivated individual and I thrive on hard work; a bit of a work addict. I love learning new things, in particular how a business came to be and I love helping someone reach their full potential, especially those who were never given the opportunity to show what they can do. I have established a strong team which I like to adhere to like a pioneering business family and together we are an entity that can help your business thrive by not only providing a service but an on-going line of support.



I have a solid background in liaising with the Public and inspiring people to achieve their goals. As a Communications Manager my goal is to advise and support all companies, arrange meetings and events, recruit employees for temping and full time jobs. I joined CAS so I could utilise my abilities to help companies reach their full potential and not have to feel the burden of having to organise anything themselves. I’m a very sociable person and I love to oversee that things are running smoothly wherever I set foot. I guess the evidence of this shows through my alter-ego, the fashion stylist; I am the director of “RA Productions”. I’ve organized fashion productions for two beautiful years. It is my nature to take on new challenges and I’m not afraid to take on any form of leadership role as required!



I am a proud gibraltarian, mother of 3 boys and a young enthusiast! I had little experience in administration until i started working with Lizette who has given me the neccesary tools to provide excellent administration and managing. I aspire to inspire and lovee new challenges! I enjoy learning and above all helping others by teaching them. I put all my efforts into the simplest of tasks to make sure i work to my full potential. My focus in life is to be happy and helping others grow is a big part of my day to day.



After completing my Bsc (Hons) Business information systems at the university in Cardiff I went on to gain experience in various roles within administration and banking. After taking a break from my career to become a mother I am now back in full time work. I enjoy working as part of a team and thrive when working under pressure.



Graphic designer and photographer are my two most outstanding skills. For years I had a company dedicated to the world of design and web implementation with wordpress and I have worked in several companies in the sector. Since 2006 designing and since 2011 making photographs of both company and other areas. I consider myself creative and capable of solving any problem related to my work and I have come to CAS to cover the marketing and graphic needs of our clients, a great challenge that I love to face.



I have always been a self motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic person. In my early years I was a keen gymnast who enjoyed the demanding training schedules and the opportunity to be part of a team. Other than gymnastics, I never had a clear path as to what I’d want to do as a long term job. When I left school I started a job in an office as a receptionist, taking on simple tasks and soon after moved into an office clerk type of role. I also have a few years experience as a Customer Services Supervisor which game me great people skills, problem solving and communication skills. My work experiences have helped strengthen my confidence in my day to day job. I am a very organised, self motivated individual who may hesitate at first when faced with a new and unknown task but with the right support I do not shy away from new and demanding challenges. Having taken a long break after the birth of my child, I returned to work and took on a role as an administrator. Although the job was challenging at first, I enjoyed gaining skills and the experience of working in an office. The support received from my managers and my team helped build my confidence back. I thoroughly enjoy the demands of the job.



When I started working at 16 I had different jobs. Since arriving at CAS it has been easy as the team have helped and tought me a lot. I’m a punctual, patient and hardworker always wanting to learn more. I am used to team work as I have played football for Club and Country.



A little bit about me. Professionally, I am a mature, positive and hardworking individual who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. I enjoy a challenge, developing my skills and working towards my career goals. Personally, in my free time, I love the outdoors. Nothing satisfies more than a mountain side with jaw-dropping views or a walk down a nice quiet beach with the ones I love. I recently returned home from a trip of a lifetime with my Partner. We travelled some parts of South-East Asia for 3 months, enjoying culture, landscapes, beaches, food and fresh coconuts straight of the branches and surprisingly to me, was proposed to in one of the most stunning places the world has to offer. Now back, planning my wedding and settling into my new role.



I’m fairly new to the team! However feel like I’ve been with them for a life time. I joined CAS not long after i found out I would be expecting my very own bundle of joy. Ever since joining the team I have fell perfectly in to my PA role for the wonderful Founder and CAS team, which I have enjoyed ever moment of and will continue to do so moving forward in my role in work and also my family life.



I’m a newbie to the working world, I am young but very dedicated to succeed. I am motivated to do well, and always strive to do my best. I have big dreams for my future as an office executive and CAS is the best choice for me to learn the ropes. Speaking of which, I really love to box. I have been training boxing since I was a little tot and now I am an amateur boxer – it’s my favourite pastime!