I’ve had many jobs in my life, but this must be my ultimate favourite! This one being the one where I’m working for myself. The others… well I have loved but always felt there was something missing. I always found myself thinking that I could do things better, more efficiently or for less money for the consumer / client. Usually these ideas and suggestions were always heard but never actioned, rightly so as they were never my company. Yet it’s tough to have your hard work and time rejected, especially when you only wanted to do what’s best for the customer and other work colleagues.
Eventually this breeds resentment which in turn leads to plain ‘ol not-giving-a-damn. That is the worst employee you can have. I never wanted to be that employee, so in April 2017 I decided to put my own ideas to work and do things my way. There have been ups and downs since I started on my little 2 drawer wooden desk, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Best of all, we get to do what’s best for our customers and other work colleagues. I don’t have any bosses to tell me no.
As I became more confident in the idea I slowly started sharing my thoughts with other very likeminded individuals who are still to this day by my side and sharing my passion in what I do. These amazing individuals have been there since the very start, the nitty gritty of CAS. We started in a tiny office in Regus, practically sitting on top of each other and now we proudly have expanded, although we still have a long way to go.
There was a second reason that motivated me to start the business! I wanted to change the ‘cliché on employment. At CAS we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company. We look at all aspects for a new team member! Sure, past experience is very important to most employers, but for us its not the top of the deck. There are many values we look at …. Loyalty, motivation, can this person be trained-moulded …. Opportunity! We often close the door to someone who can be absolutely brilliant for the simple ‘CV’, but what if that person just needed the chance, a moment to prove how brilliant they can be. WE believe in these very unique individuals.
Since opening in April 2017 we have expanded to a team of 10 plus, each member valued and to me, considered family. Together we grow each day and each member plays a crucial part to the future of CAS.