Do you need the services of a qualified accountant, but can not justify the cost of  a full time employee, why not let someone else take the burden from your hands.

Here at CAS we can provide all manner of accountancy services. Duties may include:

– Accounts payable management
– Salaries
– Cash book maintenance to monthly / quarterly / yearly accounts preparation
– Tax computations and submissions

We offer very reasonable hourly rates for ongoing services or custom quotes for one-off jobs. Whatever your requirements, do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.


At CAS feel that most companies may find themselves spending the bulk of their time on  accounting tasks. So why not let us relieve that pressure?

​At CAS we can offer the following services to make your day to day routine run smoother:

  • We can deposit funds from clients or patients
  • Make payments to vendors who provide services to keep the office running
  • Print payroll cheques or issue pay electronically
  • Balance bank accounts and issue expense account reimbursements.
  • We can enter financial transactions that must be entered in the accounting software program on a daily basis so account balances accurately reflect income and outgo.
  • Prepare reports; financial, accounting and tax — on a monthly or quarterly basis.

    ​Again this can be done on site and on a weekly / monthly, quarterly basis in our offices.


We can:

  • Pay on a monthly, weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly.
  • Pay all types of workers: casual, salaried and contract workers.
  • Calculate Gibraltar Government tax.
  • Calculates Social Insurance.
  • Pay employees in multiple currencies such as EUR and USD.
  • Handle different types of recurring transactions. For example, set up a repeating deduction for healthcare, or a staff loan repayment which will debit until the balance has been paid.
  • Multiple payslip formats. E.g. Distribute payslips on preprinted stationery, blank paper, security payslips or encrypted email.
  • Print comprehensive payroll reports and charts for management and accounting.