I have always been a self motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic person. In my early years I was a keen gymnast who enjoyed the demanding training schedules and the opportunity to be part of a team. Other than gymnastics, I never had a clear path as to what I’d want to do as a long term job. When I left school I started a job in an office as a receptionist, taking on simple tasks and soon after moved into an office clerk type of role. I also have a few years experience as a Customer Services Supervisor which game me great people skills, problem solving and communication skills. My work experiences have helped strengthen my confidence in my day to day job. I am a very organised, self motivated individual who may hesitate at first when faced with a new and unknown task but with the right support I do not shy away from new and demanding challenges. Having taken a long break after the birth of my child, I returned to work and took on a role as an administrator. Although the job was challenging at first, I enjoyed gaining skills and the experience of working in an office. The support received from my managers and my team helped build my confidence back. I thoroughly enjoy the demands of the job.