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Payroll services

We will provide the following payroll services to you

On a monthly basis

  • maintaining and updating computerised salaries records;
  • preparing payroll, including individual payslips and the provision of payroll summaries by the last working day of each month or as per agreed deadline date;
  • provide you with the monthly payroll journal for further processing by your accounts department;
  • preparing PAYE and social insurance remittance advice and email template for the payment online or over the counter of the current month deductions.

On an annual basis

  • submission of employer’s annual PAYE declaration form P8 and declaration of benefits in kind form P10 on 30 June;
  • submission of a form P12 to the Commissioner of Income Tax by 31 July if contributions have been made either by yourself or your employees into an approved pension scheme;
  • preparation of form P7 for each employee at 30 June;
  • preparation of hacienda form for each non residential employee at 31st Jan;
  • renewal of employer’s registration (ETB) certificate.

On an occurrence basis

  • submission of termination forms to the Department of Social Security for retiring employees (when requested);
  • submission of “Notice of Variation of Terms of Engagement” to the Employment & Training Board;
  • submission of forms P7A to the Commissioner of Income Tax for retiring employees.

Online payment of payroll via our clients’ account.

An additional service we provide is that of setting up a designated client account per payroll and processing the client’s payroll through that account, thus providing our clients the full payroll service. (optional)

Payment to employees can be via electronic bank transfers.

The cost of this service will be agreed after conmmunications of what is required.

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