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Self Employed Business Setup in Gibraltar

We at CAS embrace entrepreneurs. We offer the innovation of the start-up service to anyone who

has been dreaming of beginning their own business but requires inspiration, help, or just extra time to

get on with the “nitty-gritty” of their idea. Do you have a great new business idea?

We can offer you the following services in order to start up your business:

  • Companies House (1/2 days confirmation)
  • Office Fair Trading (1st trip) – Gazette Advert
  • Same day walk round to Panaroma to do advert
  • Next day back to Office of Fair Trading to take Panorama advert  

Wait for 2 – 3 weeks for License to be approved

  • OFT License
  • Take License up to TAX Office and register the business (10 working days)
  • ETB – once TAX has confirmed – Register with ETB – (5 Working days)
  • Take ETB Certificate down to TAX office to get Company Tax Code to employ (For PAYE & Soc Ins Purposes)

We would do all the running around for you and chasing, taking it down to you just to sign so its completely hassle free.